holy week at the mission

check out the details on how the mission closes out the season of lent.

good friday: Gratitude

march 29th, 7pm

The word ‘gratitude’ lies at the very heart of our entire relationship with God. As Christians, a key aspect of our identity should be that we are more grateful than anyone else on the planet. And that is especially true when it comes to what Jesus did for us on Good Friday. Please join us for a special service at 7:00pm filled with contemplative worship, a sermon focused on the Cross titled "Gratitude," and Communion.

easter sunday

march 31st

On the first Easter morning, a miracle happened! The tomb was empty! Jesus conquered the grave! And the EMPTY tomb can FILL us with something. It can fill us with joy! And with all of the bad news that is filling the airwaves right now, we need JOY more than ever. We need JOY that only the resurrection of Jesus can bring! Celebrate with us at either 9:15am or 11:00am. Note: Our Kids classrooms will be open for ages 5 and under. All other children will be given activity sheets and are welcomed to sit in the sanctuary.