The Welcome Hour

New to the church? Coming on Sundays and want to take a “next step”? The Welcome Hour is perfect for you! Dan and Kellie Kopp, who founded the church, will cover our history, beliefs, dreams, core values, and what it means to be part of our “church family.” And we'll be done in ONE HOUR! 

The Welcome Hour is offered a half dozen times a year,  Typically immediately following the 11am service.

Why Come to The Welcome Hour?

You want to learn more about our church.
The Welcome Hour will give you some answers.

You want to learn more about The Vineyard in general.
The Welcome Hour will explain why we are a Vineyard Church and introduce you to the broader Vineyard movement.

You’ve attended on weekends and want to take a next step.
The Welcome Hour is THE next step we love everyone to take after walking through our doors. We will explain all of the ministries we offer at our church beyond Sunday mornings and ways to connect.