Helping Those Who Need Help


Since our church launched in 2010, we have given away over $500,000 to individuals and organizations that could use a helping hand. Here is the story….

As we were dreaming about planting a church, we felt God calling us to “tithe” on what was given to it.  In other words, the first portion given to The Mission would go outside our walls.

Why?  Because our mission is “Joining God in His work to make His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  This mission is all about advancing the Kingdom of God on earth.  And that task is much bigger than our church!  So we felt we ought to strategically give to what God is doing outside of our church as well as inside of it.

This became known as the “tithe on our tithe.”  On Day 1, our church committed to giving away the first 10% of every dollar given to us.  This page has been written to help you understand where this money goes and what it is used for, as well as answering some frequently asked questions.  As you click the links below you’ll read an overview of the issues and organizations our Advisory Board has felt led by God to give toward.  We hope what you read blesses you and stirs something in your spirit.

Local Benevolence

A portion of our budget goes to “help those who need help” right here in our community, whether it’s people who attend our church or people who come across our path. Here is a small sampling of the ways this money has been used:

  • Numerous grocery gift cards purchased and given to members of our “immediate” and “extended” church family who are in need “Friends of Foster Kids” Christmas initiative
  • Partnership with Samaritan’s House food pantry
  • Helping with Faith Works, completing home repair and improvement projects with the objective to create a safe, functional living that will improve the quality of single parents, elderly, the disabled, veterans and low-income individuals lives.
  • Paying one mortgage payment for a household in our church family who has been experiencing financial hardship.